Published on Feb 28, 2020
On June 24th 2019 my friend, and this episode’s guest, Jon Davidson fell approx 80 ft off a cliff on a volcano in Mexico, breaking 21 bones, including his back, shoulder, sternum, knee, and neck. He also suffered a punctured lung, a concussion, and severe lacerations all over his body. In this episode Jon and I sit and catch up on that adventure. Jon’s website:

Topics covered: Falling off a mountain in Mexico, how the mind protects us from trauma, pain, pain killers, the power of community support, medical system frustrations, real estate investing, passive income, how “everything happens for a reason” is crap, the value of being the kind of person who really shows up for people, Journey the band and whether to love or hate them, how you can get more out of the day from sleeping less, the value of travel, living life as fully as possible.

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