Published on Mar 13, 2020
In this episode I sit and chat with sports chiropractor, flamenco dancer, and founder of Heart Health Care for Artists Dr Montserrat Andreys. We get to talking about ways that you can engage your creativity, your body, and your mindset during extreme circumstances like a global pandemic.

Montserrat’s website:

Topics covered: COVID - 19 2020, social distancing, how artists are adjusting and using social media after all of theri events were cancelled, ways that we can connect and be creative using technology, how artists are particularly good at being resilient and creative in hard times, Mexican Chicken Soup, Naps as social justice act, how personalities are formed, how leaders are created, the compulsion to show up in service, following intuition and curiosity around healing, sound healing, great ways to spend time at home while socially isolating.

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